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In the time it takes you to read this sentence, your amazing body will have analyzed, synthesized, restructured, and utilized thousands of nutrient molecules. It will have split proteins, burned sugars, pumped minerals, exchanged gases, and transferred electrons.


Thousands of chemical reactions occur each second in your body, every second of your life. Just imagine the energy required to perform this biochemical magic that powers your human machine!


Where does your body get this energy? The foods you eat provide fuel for your body. The nutrients you consume each day are your body's only source of raw materials. Each chemical reaction occurs in a step-wise sequence and depends on the daily availability of raw materials. A shortage of any nutrient can shut down the "assembly lines" that are your body's biochemical pathways.


Your body is amazingly adaptive and can sometimes function for long periods of time even though particular biochemical "assembly lines" are closed down. Eventually, however, certain nagging symptoms can progress to become diseases that can destroy the quality of life or even life itself.


The proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that you eat are fuel for your physical engine. The vitamins and minerals are its spark plugs. You need both high quality fuel and the ability to "fire on all cylinders" in order to achieve optimal health. An automobile can run with misfiring spark plugs, but for how long and how well? How fast and efficiently can it respond to an emergency demand for more power? The stress of living in our fast-paced world demands that kind of emergency power for our bodies on a daily basis.


Think of other nutrients as protecting agents. Just as your car has additives and devices that protect the body, engine, and driver, nutrients serve to protect your heart, brain, and other critical organs. Just as a car's gauges warn the driver of potential problems, your body has certain chemical indicators that can alert you to potential problems. Early warnings can help you make diet and lifestyle changes that may both extend your life and enhance your quality of life. 


Modern laboratory methods let us measure essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids to see if your body has adequate reserves to meet the demands of your lifestyle and to support your tissue needs for healing. We also look for the presence of specific "marker" chemicals that signal special needs or dangers. For example, methylmalonate is a vitamin B12 marker. If you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, methylmalonate levels rise because the vitamin B12-dependent reaction that converts methylmalonate is inhibited. In this case, you may need vitamin B12 supplements to maintain the health and proper function of your body. In addition to nutrient markers, we also measure markers that assess intestinal health, neurotransmitter activity, and detoxification demands. 


No two people are exactly alike. In addition to your unique outward appearance, the way your body functions inside is very much dependent on your individual genetic and environmental influences. You have special needs for dietary nutrients that maintain healthy tissues and fight the processes of disease, degeneration, and accelerated aging. Some people need certain nutrients many times higher than the "normal" dietary intake to allow for the restoration of health. If you don't need them, however, using very high doses of nutrient supplements can cause other imbalances. 


The ION Profile shows your special needs by measuring nutrients and nutrient marker compounds in your blood and urine. The laboratory tests performed on your specimens include:

-Amino acids in blood plasma

-Homocysteine in blood serum

-Mineral (Element) analysis in red blood cells

-Fat-soluble vitamins in blood serum

-Lipid peroxides in blood serum

-Fatty acids in blood plasma

-Organic acids in urine

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