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News flash " The mouth and what goes in It is connected to the whole body!":
So the title of this article may make you think "Duh!"  But hear me out! 
Mid September 2017, Dr Tucker and I attended the annual AAOSH(American academy of oral and systemic health) meeting in Salt Lake City. 
It's an awesome meeting where like-minded professionals learn more about the many connections between oral health and it's effect on the health of the rest of our bodies. We learned that gum disease and the bacteria that drive it can be a leading factor in driving cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pregnancy complications, Alzheimer's and even ED! 
So important to have healthy gums!!!!
Most of this is old news to dental professionals by now, but the "why" and the connecting of the dots with research is what makes this meeting so helpful when it comes to talking to patients. 
Some nuances this year were focused on the latest research in genetic testing, and our micro-biome (the bugs that live in and on us). 
One key factor that kept presenting itself in every session was the  major role nutrition plays in our inflammatory responses and its effect on our gene expression and the quality of our micro-biome. 
We learned that both can bring on disease processes when negatively effected..  
Nutrition can be confusing, every week there's a new diet or book coming out telling us to eat this not that, then before you know it, it's changed! 
The truth is there are some basic things that drive inflammation in most everyone, and most of us know this already. Processed foods, refined sugars/carbohydrates  and too many animal products can put the pounds on and make us not feel the best.  
Many people can't process dairy, others are highly sensitive to gluten laden grains. 
A whole foods diet is generally your best bet (un or minimally processed foods). 
However, did you know there can be some fruits and vegetables that could possibly be causing sensitivities in YOUR system?! Information is key to knowing your individual health. Current technology provides us with a simple, affordable finger stick blood test to reveal specific foods that you may otherwise unknowingly be sensitive to. 
It's been fascinating to see patients that struggle with headaches, skin rash, joint pain and digestive issues find resolution once they know what is driving inflammation in their diet. 
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